Samsung UE55HU8500 UHD 4K

The 5 Best 4K TV’s – Your Guide to 4k Ultra HD TV’s

4K Ultra HD TV’s are upon us and if you’ve had the opportunity to see one upfront, you will agree they look absolutely stunning. For those of you that may not be aware of what this is, 4K is short for 4,096 pixels of resolution which is 4x the resolution of most modern HD TV’s (1080 pixel resolution). The easiest way to describe it is to imagine your home screen picture multiplied by 4 in a 2×2 layout. That’s the resolution you can expect from 4k TV’s.Samsung UE55HU8500 UHD 4K

4K televisions are slightly ahead of their time in that whilst the technology exists, the format is not yet fully supported. We are however seeing content being put out in 4K format with Netflix starting to demo the tech and Blu-Ray 4k format coming later this year. Next generation gaming consoles like the Xbox One ad PS4 are also able to support it so they are becoming future proof.

As is always the case with new tech, price is the barrier that will prevent most people from getting to experience the joy of Ultra HD in their living rooms but surprisingly, in the short space of time they have been on the market, we are already beginning to see some bargains and great deals to be had. We’ve therefore attempted to make a list of what we consider to be the best 4K TV’s on the market to date.

As a side note, Ultra HD actually denotes 38440 x 2160 pixels whereas true 4K is 4096 x 2160. Marketers often won’t distinguish between the two sets oof resolution and categorize them equally as 4K or Ultra HD. The difference is there albeit marginal so always look for the resolution rather than the marketing slang slapped on the title when shopping around.

On to it then.

SONY KD55X9005 TV LED 55″ 4k 3D 800HZ SMART

Whilst the focus should be on Sony”s KD55X9005’s super resolution, its the sound that warrants all the attention here. The built in side mounted magnetic fluid speakers and two sub woofers offer superb audio to go with the crystal clear picture. The 4K resolution is super sharp as you would expect and it has passive 3D which means you can use the cardboard 3D glasses from the back of a cereal box to watch it with. Sony offers this model in both 55″ and 65″, and it features SMART technology, built in Freeview HD and comes complete with 4 pairs of 3D glasses.

Price Range: £3,500 – £4,500. Check Best Prices Here.

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LG 84LM960V 3D UltraHD 84″ LED TV

This is a monster of a TV punching in at 79.4 KG and a colossal screen size of 84″. Its class A low energy consumption which is beneficial for a TV of this size and has a shopping list of features including 10 2.2 speakers including 2 sub woofers, built in Wi-Fi, Freeview HD, Picture enhancement Triple XD Engine, a Dual Core Processor and 3D Passive capability and comes with 7 pairs of glasses included.

The screen size truly shows of the UltraHD capability making it more detailed than real life and its solid sound system makes it truly an all in one complete entertainment package. The difficulty you will have is finding room for it and allowing enough safe viewing distance – assuming of course you can afford it!

Price Range: £14,899 – £19,000. Check Best Prices Here.

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Samsung UE55F9000 3D Ultra HD SMART 55″ LED TV

Lets face it, Active shutter 3DTV’s – the one that requires the expensive glasses – were not hugely popular and so its surprising that Samsung stuck with the technology with this model but clearly Samsung know what they’re doing as the visual fidelity is suerb in 3D. In native 4K the resolution is even more mind blowing and with it coming in at the lower end of the price spectrum this TV is a viable choice if you are in the market for a TV generally. The SMART UI interface is among the best available and many consider this model to be future proof. It’s one of the slimmest UltraHD TV’s on the market available in 55″ and 65″ and in our view one of the best looking. Just check out some the pictures below.

Price Range: £1,999  – £3,259. Check Best Prices Here.

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Toshiba 58L93363DB 58″ 4K LED SMART 3D TV

The L9 Series brings with it superior design and visual detail. It has a powerful CEVO4K processing engine to upscale and convert everything you view to UltraHD. It has built in Freeview HD along with an 8 Day EPG. Toshiba’s cloud portal facilitates access to various Apps such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer and with built in Wi-FI connectivity is seamless. The built in speakers compliment the visual fidelity though not better than some we have seen.

Toshiba 58L9363DB 58 4K LED Smart 3D TV

Samsung UE65HU8200 SMART 3D 65″ Curved LED TV

We had to save the best til last. This is our pick and one that defines next generation TV. The Samsung UE65HU8200 features an incredibly detailed 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD ready LED screen an delivers the finest details and natural covers to give you the best viewing experience. The curved screen is no gimmick. It increases the amount of screen for your peripheral vision allowing you to fully immerse yourself. Under the hood, it has a processing rate of 1000 HZ, a whole host of cutting edge screen technology, Active 3D technology and SMART UI that all combines to deliver the perfect viewing experience. With a 5 year guarantee and a relatively reasonable price we found this one of the best picks of the lot.

Price Range: £3,199  – £3,799. Check Best Prices Here.

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  1. Would love to get one but I’d be breaking the bank! They’ll be cheap enough soon though.

    1. Haha, start saving now! Totally worth it though.

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