How many monitors should I have

How Many Monitors Should I Have?

Screens are the cornerstone of any gaming set up and I wanted to talk about what the optimum number of screens is for a gaming setup.

Console Gamers

This is a common question and there really isn’t any right or wrong answer. It ultimately depends of a whole host of factors namely, what you will be using the screens for, and your personal gaming and work requirements. I would always advise that if you are a solely a console gamer, and that is your screens sole use then it is okay to settle for the one if you do not feel you need any more.

PC Gaming

Multi-screens are most relevant for PC heavy gamer’s that prefer to maximize their screen resolution and also those that like to broadcast on Twitch or other channels. In addition, they allow for more productivity when it comes to creating videos for YouTube, music editing, broadcasting and social networking.

A two monitor set up is the common set up but having 3 is not unusual especially for the racing sim and flight sim gamers.

It essentially comes down to how much digital desktop space you require and this will always differ.

Check out this video by YouTube user MrThaiBox123 that features a 6 screen set up.

Let me know what you think and whether 6 screens is too many.

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