Stage Demo: No Man’s Sky – E3 2015 – Why No Man’s Sky Blew Our Minds

We caught a slice of the huge new title No Man’s Sky and if you missed it you can watch it below.

The concept of this game alone is quite mind blowing but watching the build of the game at E3 cemented our view that this is game is truly mind blowing.

The sheer size of the game is incredible and the endless things that could happen, including confrontations online with others in such a vast expanse is utterly mind bending.

It was strange to be going on to a solar system and planet for the first time that not even the game producers had visited. Not knowing what to expect on the planet was truly fascinating and whilst the systems and planets are procedurally generated by the game, there is enough there to make the wonder of exploration an exciting proposition.


The game producers described that it will be more than just going to undertake a simple mining task on an empty planet. There will be space encounters and various in planet missions to undertake.

What’s truly amazing is that this huge game is produced by a relatively small studio. In many ways its worrying and I hope for the sake of Hello Games, it all works out well for them.

We will be sure to pick this up on day one and hope that it lives up to its already massive expectations.

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