Is Half Life 3 Set to Appear in E3 2015?

How much longer do we have to wait Mr Gabe Newell? 

With E3 just days away, the most anticipated game ever has been the subject of E3 speculation with many believing that now is the time that Valve will be giving us something on Half Life 3.

But it has been recently confirmed by Valve that they will not be attending E3, which also means it’s highly unlikely there will be a Half Life 3 announcement. 

Nothing to be surprised at there then I guess. 

But it makes you wonder how long they can put off the games announcement and what the true reasons are for the delay?

Whilst there are a number of conclusions you could draw, the most likely has to be that Valve simply has too much going on at the moment, be it its Steam platform, Machines, Controller or their VR headset to give Half Life 3 the full attention that it deserves. 

Even if it’s not those priorities, they have ample games like DOTA 2 and Counter Strike on the go that they have to maintain and continue to develop which maybe pushing back Half Life 3’s development.

And even if not that, new projects like Portal 3, a new Left 4 Dead may be taking priority.

Why are Valve missing E3

In many ways it’s actually no surprise Valve are missing E3. Their last time at the show was in 2010 with Sony where they announced Portal 2. But with their 8 million odd Steam user base, valve are uniquely positioned to carry out their own marketing without the need for E3.

Just recently they have been ushering pre orders for the new Steam Controller under every steam users nose by countless pop in windows.

Will Half Life 3 Happen

The last entry was Half Life 2: Episode 2 back in 2007. So it’s nearly 8 years since the last entry in the franchise. 

One thing for sure is that Valve are in no real need for the money. The company has come on leaps and bounds since their early days and the company has morphed from a game developer into a more complex digital distributor and tech developer. 

The gamers are ready for Half Life 3. Valve may be banking on that goodwill as a form of insurance. They know that the game will be an instant success and so they may be holding that Ace up their sleeve for a rainy day and take on some riskier projects for now.

It makes business sense.

Whichever way you look at it, for fans of the series, sadly it’s likely we will have to keep waiting for any news on Half Life 3. 

Gabe Newell, the owner of valve, hasn’t exactly been silent on Half Life 3 and has suggested, in a podcast called GameSlice with Geoff Keighley, that they would only do a classic sequel to Half Life 2 if the internal staff at Valve said that’s what they wanted to do. The inference is that Valve maybe waiting to deploy some new tech, possibly VR on Half Life 3 and so it’s that, that’s holding things up. 

Whatever it is, I think it’s time. The gamers are ready. Gabe Newell, if you are reading this, just give us more aliens to kill and a new gravity gun!

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