The Finest Selection of Retro Video Game Controller Artwork for you Gamers Room

We came across this fantastic range of Video Game Controller Art Work by ControFreakGameArt on Etsy.

Video Game Controller Art  7

Check out some of these fantastic work’s of Art.

Each painting is approximately $35.00 plus shipping and handling though there are some variations to take into account that will determine the final price. This 3 Canvas print will cost somewhere in the region of £67.

Video Game Controller Art 3

The Artist states on the store page that Colors can be changed upon request, and most controllers you wish can be made giving an opportunity for some fantastic unique retro looking artwork for your games room.

Sizes to pick from are 16″ by 20″ or 18″ by 24″.

Video Game Controller Art

Each painting is custom made per order.

There are 4 canvas prints available too for around £90.

Video Game Controller Art  6

Each painting is slightly different as the Artist claims to use real paint splatters and therefore its impossible to have 2 paintings that are exactly alike!

One of my personal favourites is this one below mainly because it shows how the art design and use of one colour can easily be incorporated into your existing rooms’ colour scheme to give it a slick and unique look for a relatively low cost.

Video Game Controller Art 2


For the full range of pictures, see the shop here. They ship worldwide from the US and has fantastic customer feedback.

Let us know below if you like our recommendation and whether you picked one up.

Video Game Controller Art  5

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    Where can i get this ?

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