Arcane Arcade Table – Retro Table For Retro Gamers

The Arcane Arcade Table – Would You Buy It?

Here’s one for the retro gamers out there.

The Arcane Arcade Table by Firebox, is either an elegant piece of gaming furniture or an expensive gimmick! Either way, it will make sitting down for a coffee a whole lot more interesting!

Arcane Arcade

The Arcane Arcade Table is definitely one of the most curious pieces of gaming furniture we have ever seen. It is essentially a Coffee Table that can, in an instant, be turned into an arcade gaming station thanks to its fold out controls.

It measures approximately 70cm(W) x 120cm(L) x 43cm(H) and has a built in 27″ LCD flat screen monitor beneath the glass table top and an inbuilt computer loaded with 100 retro classics such as Space Invaders, Mortal Kombat and Bubble Bobble.

The sides push in and fold out to reveal the otherwise well disguised controls and inbuilt computer.

The controls themselves look and feel like authentic arcade controls with the 2 joysticks, large buttons and tracker ball. It also boasts two 30 watt speakers for high quality sound to add to the authentic arcade experience.

Arcane Arcade Button View

Furthermore, as it essentially a PC inside a table, you can use it to browse the internet, watch movies and play music. It doesn’t just end with the 100 preloaded games. As it is MAME compatible (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) you can add more emulators for your favourite legendary games!

It comes in two lovely finishes, oak and walnut and will genuinely fit into most living rooms as an ordinary piece of furniture though there are also optional timbers available for a more customised look. It has a 6mm toughened glass so you needn’;t wrry about breaking through gaming rage!

It easily connects to the internet so in-between having your friends over, it may have a genuine use.

Technical Info

  • Its powered by Windows 7 Home PremiumOak and Walnut finish Arcane Arcade Table
  • Intel Premium Dual Core CPU
  • 500GB Hard Disk
  • 4GB Ram
  • DVD/CD-RW Drive
  • 26″ LCD TFT viewing angle
  • RJ45 Ethernet 10/100MB connector
  • HDMI output
  • Ultimarc arcade spinner
  • Programmable Keyboard encoder

You can see it in action here:

If you are a retro gamer, or have spades of spare cash, this might well be for you. You can buy the Arcane Arcade Table here though hold on to something when you see the price!

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