Will Dany Die in Game of Thrones?

As the last Season of Game of Thrones comes to a close, we examine the current state of affairs, wrap up answers to some loose ends and prophesise on what is to come on the final two episodes.

(Please note this may contain spoilers for those who have not caught up to Season 8 episode 4)

Fans of the HBO TV Series have been going through mixed emotions as the season reaches its finale. There are two episodes remaining, and there is plenty still yet to resolve.

Lets begin with our Dragon Queen..

Will Daenerys Targaryen Die?

Season 8 episode 4 was filled with a relatively calm and content Winterfell, with much of the episode showing the survivors after burning their dead, enjoying a well-earned feast.

There was still room for tension however, (would it be Game of Thrones otherwise?) and this most notably came from the scenes involving Sansa and Dany where the two often shared glances that were filled with scepticism and tension.

There was a hint of this tension in episode 2 when Sansa and Dany are having a heart to heart. So where is this leading too?

Dany has long been a favourite hero of GoT conquering Essos and breaking chains along the way.

In Westeros however, episode 4 clearly showed that Jon is the hero of the hour and the leader the north wants to follow. Tormund Giantsbane recollection of the battle of Winterfell and Jon’s heroics before then at Hardhome and the Nightswatch are a testament to that.

The way the episode is shot, clearly shows an out of sorts Dany, who, is not able to rejoice in the victory at the feast as she sits amidst foreigners to her in a foreign land that she can’t quite fit into.

A telling scene is when she is shot sat alone, with no one by her side now that Jorah is gone, Selmy is gone and her trusted hand, Tyrion, laughing away with Jaime across the hall. It’s only the Spider Vary’s that remains, who creeps in to view as Dany, quite visibly upset that Jon is getting all the attention and glory, gets up to leave.

But what can Dany do? Jon is clearly worthy of the attention and applaud he is receiving . She seeks to convince Jon that his identity must remain a secret for the Kingdom to remain whole under her rule. Jon promises that the North is behind her but he is led by honour to tell his siblings his true identity much to Dany’s disapproval.

And well after that, the secret quickly seems to get out. Sansa tells Tyrion, Tyrion, Vary’s and more than handful now know this “information” as Vary’s puts it.

Sansa now seems to have what she needs to plot her goal to place Jon on the throne. Sansa is untrusting of Dany and it seems quite rightly so, as Dany continues to exhibit signs of her father’s madness and darkness.

The showrunners, will now have to deal with the tangle that is Jon, Sansa and Dany in the two remaining episodes and given the love for Jon Snow throughout the beginning of the Series, its hard to see that Jon will be the casualty in all of this.

He was born to rule, and lead when he never wanted it.

He did what no other could conceive and opened the North to the Wildlings. He secured the alliance of the dragon Queen and thus saved the Seven Kingdoms from the Knight King.

However the Double D’s have a clear track record of killing of fan favourites and so we could never rule out Jon’s demise.

That said, given Jon’s identity, and better claim to the throne, it would make more sense that Jon is the ultimate leader of the seven Kingdoms once Cersei is defeated.

This cannot, however, leave room for a living Dany, and so I think we should expect a surprise twist to the fate of Dany in these last two episodes though as I mentioned, this could quite well be Jon.

Why does Sansa not trust Dany?

Sansa is an incredibly complex and sophisticated character and has arguably been trained by the best in playing the “Game of Thrones” in Peter Baylish and Cersei Lannister.

The torment of seeing her father die, living in the Lions Den in Kings Landing, suffering a marriage with Tyrion and then Ramsey Bolton truly put her through the mill and shaped her in to what she is.

She is therefore no little bird anymore and her main motivational drive is that only she knows that no one can protect her.

For her this means that, unless she is control, she and all that she holds dear, will never be safe.

Sansa knows that Jon had to do what he did to get Dany on board. But she doesn’t trust Dany. This may be because she doesn’t know her yet – indeed anyone who can see the good Dany has done in Essos would bend the knee.

But Sansa, whether or not she can see any of this, can definitely see the dark side of Dany and her angling – particularly the look she gave Dany when she afforded Gendry the title Baratheon and anointed him as Lord of Storms End.

Sansa, doesn’t want the realm. It appears she would be content with the North and that is where there may inevitably be some space for agreement/compromise with the Dragon Queen.

Will we see Clegane Bowl in Season 8?

Yes. In our view, Sandor Clegane aka the Hound, cannot have survived for this long in the show without the writers having a showdown in mind.

The Mountains execution of Missendai at the end of Season 8 episode 4 is setting him up as a clear villain and it feels inevitable that the Hound and the Mountain will cross paths.

His exit from Winterfell with Arya was fitting given their complex relationship throughout the series and and it feels he is now on the path to the “one thing that can make him happy” as they venture down south.

There is more than just respect now between the Hound and Arya and we feel the pair have still a major role to play in the final two episodes though they are now on the edge of the focus.

Will Jon and Dany be able to have a relationship?

Jon is an honorable man, and incest would not be permitted as a Stark from the North. However, he is a Targaeryen. And so this throws the prohibition away if indeed, Jon is able to convince himself it is OK.

The kissing scene in episode 4 showed Jon couldn’t do it. It feels he needs the blessing of his followers and siblings before he allows his relationship with Dany to flourish.

But we got the sense from Tyrion and Vary’s exchanges, that Dany would dominate Jon if they were to co-rule and so you get the sense that this won’t happen.

If you hold the view that only one of them can hold the throne, it’s likely one of them is likely to fall in the coming battle with Cersei.

Is Rhaegal still alive?

I think we have to assume that the final arrow that hit Rhaegal through the throat/face was intended to show it was fatal.

If Rhaegal remained alive, there would have to be more Jon riding it in the coming battle, a production cost that the show runners probably didn’t want to have. Also, I think the moment has been and gone with Jon riding a dragon and would not be satisfying if season 8 episode 3 is anything to go by.

Therefore, it fees that the killing of Rhaegal was intentional, albeit done in an unbelievable fashion.

Why did Brienne and Jaime hook up?

This had to be one of the most disappointing aspects of the recent episode in our view. Jaime and Brienne’s relationship up until this point was handled brilliantly by the writers and there was the right type of mutual respect, admiration and love between the two.

To reduce this to a sexual, romantic love did not seem right and seemed it was done in response to how fans wanted this story line to end.

Jaime’s actions after the sex scene were also not consistent with his character redemption. He chose to ride down south to be with Cersei claiming he is not the man Brienne thinks he is. If that was the case, why did he leave Cersei in the first place?

Honour led Jaime away from Cersei and so a sudden change of heart doesn’t make sense. It felt that Jaime’s redemption was all undone in this episode although we would view that this move could be linked with the realisiation of the Valonqar prophecy.

Is Cersie’s Baby Euron’s?

No. If it believed that Cersei is in fact pregnant in Season 7 when she reveals it to Tyrion and Jaime, then it is definitely not Euron’s child as she was already with child before he arrived.

She is telling him it is, to motivate him in the battle to come. Cersei will dispense with Euron as quickly as she can once she has no use of him.

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