Want to set up your own tech review site?

Or not even on tech, if that’s not your thing, but a site blogging and reviewing products and services that you are passionate about?

You’ve clicked on this because you’ve thought about making money online before and I can show you how by setting up your own site.

The Internet is a vast place filled with people looking for consumer guidance and tips before making purchases and this is where your site comes in.

Thousands of people make a full time living online by offering consumer guidance by way of interesting blog posts, reviews, tips and comparisons to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

Just like I do on this site.

Here are some example things you could set your site up in and start earning money:

– best apps on iOS devices

– PC builder – choosing the right graphics card

– phablet reviews (large smartphones)

– next generation tv’s

– home sound systems

– sound bars

Here are a few non tech sites you could set up your online business up in:

– overcoming nerves

– hot to brew your own beer

– how to get a killer six pack

– benefits of herbal tea

– humidity in the home

…the list goes on and on and literally any interest, hobby or passion can be converted into an online business you just have to ask yourself this: what would I like to write about?

My site occupies the gaming niche and is focussed on gaming hardware within the gaming environment that aims to provide gamers with advice on things such as headsets, PC peripherals and racing wheels.

My visitors may for example be looking for comparisons between two latest PS4 headsets and so I may post blogs weighing up the pros and cons of each to help them decide or write a product review. I also have a topical blog on the gaming sector and share my views and opinion on all things video games (as that is my passion).

The important thing is to set up your site in an area that is as focussed as possible and has lots of products/services that link to it (and that interests you of course!).

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Please note this is not a make money scheme or scam. This is how I make a living online like thousands of others.