Destiny BETA Xbox One v PS4 – Best Frame Rate

Having spent the whole weekend playing Destiny’s BETA, I have been considering the differences in technical fidelity of the upcoming shooter/RPG/MMO in light of the Beta launch and found Digital Foundry’s comparison of the frame rate an interesting and compelling comparison.

There has also been much discussion around the resolution which despite the differences in the BETA (Xbox One running at around 900p), it has been confirmed that the Xbox One will be at full 1080P resolution and IGN have featured some game play footage of the game at 1080p – see below:

Microsoft dedicated a whole engineering team to find some power in the Xbox One to reduce the parity with the PS4 and shows how much they are dedicated, if not fearful, of loosing further ground to the PS4.

In reviewing the differences, it is still difficult to tell whether there will be any compelling differences when it comes to September 9 with most differences going to come down to lighting and color palette. That said, I do feel satisfied that the gap is not as great as it was with other multi-platform releases such as Assassins Creed Black Flag and COD Ghosts and so it would seem anyone looking to choose which version to buy should not be deterred from picking up the Xbox One version.

Lett me know in the comments below if you think the Xbox One will perform on par with the PS4 and whether the BETA has you sold on Destiny.

If you are looking to pre-order the collectors edition looks like it might be worth getting – see here for details.

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