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One of the things I love are gaming chairs and I currently have a Playseat Evolution which coupled with my Logitech Driveforce GT satisfies my sim racing itch.Office Gaming Chair

However, they can be impractical and something like the Playseat Evolution for example though foldable, still has to be shifted out of the way when the space is needed around the house (damn those in-laws visits!).

That’s why I have thought more and more about getting an office racing chair which serves a dual purpose whilst remaining mobile.

They can look a little out of place if centered around a normal working desk but if you can customize your gaming set up around it, it will fit in seamlessly. has a great range of office gaming chairs and I wanted to show you this unboxing and review by YouTube User Eckosoldier of the GT Omega Pro Racing Office/Gaming Chair Red & Black fabric as an example of the type of quality you can expect:

The finish is really good and the comfort factor with the head rest and back support makes this range worth considering given you will be spending a lot of time on them. In addition, with this range, they are easy to assemble and have an array of settings to make them suitable for the tall and the short folk.

I also found one featured in this review by YouTube user CazuaLLUK which you can see is put to good use together with his whole gaming set up:

The office gaming chair allows the mobility in the room and looks really comfortable. I also like with this set up how, with such little space, a lot has being crammed in whilst still looking tidy. The upper shelf helps which is a tidy way of creating more space.

Here is a list of the items featured in the setup together with a link to some great office chairs if you are in the market.

Office Gaming Chairs at

Office Gaming Chairs at

Xbox One 500GB

PS4 500GB

Elgato Game Capture HD

Astro Gaming Headset

Logitech C920 1080p Wecam

MacBook Pro 13″

Canon 700D with 18-135MM STM Lens

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