New Xbox One Updates: Improves Snap, TV and SmartGlass coming October



Microsoft has unveiled a new system update for Xbox One which will introduce a raft of changes and improvements this October.

The focus has been on enabling the user to be able to multi task more efficiently, stay connected with friends, and more options in how media can be accessed. Microsoft are emphasising that they have introduced these changes due to the feedback they have received from users.

X1 updates

Here is a short summary of some of the new changes we can expect:

Snap Mode:

  • New display options for Friends lists, Messages, Game DVR Clock and Battery
  • Improvements to Snap to make access easier mid game
  • double tap Xbox button to open snap
  • A new Achievements App update that can allow user to share achievements and game data
  • A new Friends section that gives, at a glance, friends activity

For TV and Video

  • Media Player DLNA
  • MKV Support
  • New TV trending feature
  • Stream TV to Smart Glass
  • Live TV guide
  • New TV Apps

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