Destiny The Taken King -Far Too Expensive?

So I have held off picking up Destiny the Taken King because I would be required to purchase either the two previous dlc packs, The a house of Wolves and the Dark Below, before then having to purchase the expansion The Taken King, or I would have to pick up a full priced copy of the new packaged destiny bundle which is kind of like the a game of the year edition that contains the full game and all expansions.

Either choice is not acceptable for me from a value proposition and particularly as someone who enjoyed the shooting mechanics about the last game but couldn’t really get in to anything else about it particularly the end game because of the large commitment required with friends before embarking on raids.

True that I have not yet done a raid but I shouldn’t have to commit in this way. Is this Bungie making it unnecessarily difficult for their players to access the good content or is this simply a game that’s not for me?

If you accept the game is meant to be played like World of Warcraft worth teams online then you can accept Bungies design choice but for me at least, I was always led to believe that should be able to play it solo and still enjoy its content.

I got around 11-15 hours with destiny before I completed the main missions.

The problem with destiny is that it has been so think on content. The more exacerbating feature of my frustration is that it has all the hallmarks of being a classic. Like I said the shooting mechanics are impeccable but the game can just be infuriating when the bosses are just bullet sponges and there is little in the worlds to actually do.

I may come back to it but at this stage, with mgs5 to get through and games such as fallout 4 on the horizon, I have decided that Destiny the Taken King does not deserve my money or time.

What’s your views?

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