Breathtaking Destiny Hand Guns For Sale


Remember the shop name. If you are a Destiny fan or just simply love guns you are in for a treat as this Californian based resin specialist has created some truly breathtaking replica guns that will blow you away great for collectors and cosplayers alike.Searcher MK 20

This Etsy shop owner has produced some incredible replica hand guns that come as both finished articles or in unpainted form.

Granted they are not cheap, but every purchaser has not been left disappointed giving a full 5 stars for each gun. These truly are the best on the market right now and the shop owners ships internationally!

We have hand selected a few of our favorites though you should definitely visit the full shop here for not only Destiny arms but some other fantastic gaming themed work.


Yes the beloved Fatebringer – a large painted replica prop from Destiny with accurate and high quality sculpting. Its approx 13.5 inches long and weighs around 1.4lbs. It comes in two parts, and uses two rare earth magnets to hold it together. Made from Urethane resin, this gun has a solid feel and shows no blemishes from sanding and filling. Fatebringer

Very Limited quantities so if you are interested, check the shop out here.

Duke MK. 10

Duke MK 10

Again,  a very limited amount produced but the Duke MK 10, is a well crafted Destiny tribute.

ts approx 13.5 inches long and weighs around 1.4 lbs. You can substitute the base color or the orange markings for other colors. Complex schemes and vanguard logos are more expensive as they have to be masked by hand but you can contact the shop owner for specific requirements.

Great for collectors and cosplayers alike.

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades

This is a large Finished/Painted prop of The Exotic Ace of spades from Destiny. An impressive 17 inches long and weighing in around 3 lbs this is for the hardcore fan.

The piece comes in 2 parts, (Main body and cylinder) and again uses two rare earth magnets to hold the cylinder in place, (It sort of floats there) as it can spin freely and be removed entirely, with some light force.

These will be produced in VERY limited quantities. Great for collectors and cosplayers alike.

Visit ZpropsEtsy for the full range.

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