Bioware Announces New Horror Action RPG Title for the PC at Gamescom

Bioware announced during EA’s press conference today at Gamescom their next title Shadow Realm which is multiplayer online focused RPG launching in 2015 for the PC.

The game will offer 4v1 multiplayer cooperative online play where players can join up against the shadow lord or play as the shadow lord themselves against 4 other online players.

The game has been teased by Bioware in these past few weeks and we now know it is a horror action game set in a modern fictional fantasy world and focused on the PC.

Bioware stressed its a story driven game and there will be episodic releases like a TV series to supplant the story arc.

The game is set for launch in fall 2015 and a closed alpha beta is being held next month which you can sign up for here.

You can view the mysterious trailers that were released leading up to today’s announcement below.




Let us know what you think about the upcoming release in the comments below.

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