5 Best Game Opening Sequencecs Ever

5 Best Game Opening Sequences Ever

5 Best Game Opening Sequences

Here is my list of the best game opening moments ever and whilst I had quite a long list I have reduced this to the 5 that have left a lasting impact on me long after having played them.

5. Heavy Rain

A great score to go with a great opening that sets the tone for the grim, realistic story that unfolds. This game brought the best out of the PS3 at the time and because the game had a profound imact on me, this had to make it on the list.

4. Half Life 2

The G-man is one of the very few gaming characters that sends shivers dow my spine and the voice actor does a great job of bringing him to life in the opening scene. Half Life 2 was the first Half Life game I played and the opening sequence entering into City 17 on the train was incredibly detailed and set the atmosphere for the rest of the game though will be familiar to those that played Half Life. Great opening for a great game.

3. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

This is arguably the best game of the Metal Gear Solid series and made the biggest technological jump from its predecessor. When this was released, the graphics were awe inspiring and the sequence on the Brooklyn Bridge was one of the first cinematic openers to feature in a game on this scale. Top notch production values and true Kojima style storytelling.

2. The Last Of Us

The first 15 minutes of this game was heart wrenching and sets the tone for the rest of the multi award winning game. If you haven’t played this game, you must do so though have a box of tissues nearby, you will need them.

1. Bioshock Infinite

And this is my pick for the number 1 spot. I know many may not agree but I just loved the story of this game so much and the opening sequence struck so many chords with me. It starts with the player character in a boat with a man and a woman who hand him a box and row him to a lighthouse. Every single part of this sequence and the dialogue has a profound meaning to the story that you can only appreciate once you have completed the game and also the original Bioshock.  Clever game, great soundtrack and in my opinion, the best story told in a game, ever!

Do you agree with my list? What are your best game openers? Let me know in the comments below.

Notable mentions:

Uncharted 2

Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Tomb Raider 2013

Metal Gear Solid 1

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