10 Great Gifts For Gamers

Top 10 Gifts For A Gamer

With the holidays looming, we all know how difficult and arduous a task it can be to buy a gift for that certain someone who has an affinity for gaming whether its a gift for him or a gift for her.

We have therefore done the hard work and picked out a selection of great gifts for gamers sure to make that gamer friend or family member smile this Christmas! Here’s a list of great gifts for gamers.

Minecraft Mug

Minecraft Mug

The officially licensed Minecraft Mug is a magnificent piece of Minecraft merchandise and makes the perfect container for any hot drink. Its suitably block-like and sturdy with the familiar creeper face on it and sure to make appeal to the retro and modern gamer alike.

You can pick these up for a reasonable £14.99.

The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition

Parrot AR Drone 1

Know someone that loves Call of Duty? Then this may just be the gift for  them the Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 Elite Edition which is based on the MQ-27 Dragonfire Drones earned from kill streaks in Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

This nifty device allows you to remotely operate the drone from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and other Android devices with ease by simply tilting the device according to the direction you want it to move in. The 2 cameras allow you to record the footage directly to your PC/Laptop and you can also play augmented reality games. Simply too cool.

You can pick these up for around £299.

Xbox Live & PSN Vouchers

Xbox Live PSN Live

With the Next Generations consoles out and in full swing, Xbox Live and PS Plus subscriptions are a must for any gamer looking to play competitive on-line multiplayer and chat to friends.

Both subscriptions give the user access to free games each month and some great discounts and deals.

You can expect to pay around £39.99 for 12 months of PS Plus and Xbox Live though they are also available as 3 month subscriptions too.


Minecraft Light Up Torch

Minecraft Lamp

Keeping with the Minecraft trend, this is a magnificent way of proofing your home from nocturnal monsters with this pixel perfect official Minecraft Light-Up Torch. It emits asmooth warm glow and can be carried, hung from your wall at a pefrect 45 degree angle or placed as a table centre priece. Requires 1 coal and 1 stick (3 AAA batteries!).

You can pick these up for £29.99.

Space Invaders Alien Lamp

Space Invaders Alien Lamp

One of the most iconic pixelated gaming icons makes its way to your living room or bed side table with this pleasant colour changing lamp. You are in full control with 4 buttons to select the 4 different colour modes. Officially licensed by Taito, this instantly recognisable retro lamp is the perfect night light for fans of classic arcade games and ethereal room ambience.

You can pick them up for a modest £24.99.

SEGA Arcade Portable Racer

Sega Portable Gamer

We can all play games on our tablets and smartphones but what better way to relive the early gaming days with this SEGA Arcade Classic handheld video game player. This gaming console is loaded with 30 SEGA built-in games and features a 2.4″ display to make convenient hand held gaming. The Arcade Classic electronic game also be hooked up to your TV.

The 30 classic super addictive titles include: Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic Drift, Sonic Chaos, Super Columns, Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine, Alex Kidd In Miracle World, Columns, Sonic Spinball, Aztec Adventure, Dragon Crystal, Fantasy Zone, Fantasy Zone 2, Gain Ground, Kung Fu Kid, Golden Axe, Global Defense, The Ninja Quartet, Ristar Penguin Land, Astro Warrior and more.

You can pick these up for roughly £34.99.

N64 Cartridge and Gamepad Soaps

Controller Sopa Cartridges N64 Soap Cartridges

Gamers have always had an uneasy relationship with cleanliness and we all may know a certain someone that may need an incentive to break their marathon gaming sessions. That’s where these stylised controller and gaming cartridge soaps may buck the trend. Made using only the finest vegan-friendly ingredients and scented with the excitingly named ‘Energy Citrus’ fragrance, these full scale models of contemporary and classic controllers and game cartridges are a must have.

Prices range from £9.99 to £12.99.

The Question Block Lamp

Mario Question Block Lamp

Take one guess where this fantastic Question Block Lamp has taken its inspiration from? If you guessed the goomba stomping koopling crushing plumber then you guessed right. This iconic and touch-sensitive 8-bit cube can either be hung from the ceiling or proudly displayed in its retro pixel-style stand. But best of all, you get to turn the light on and off by bumping it from underneath with your fist (yes you can use your head if you must though don’t expect any gold coins!) and the lamp will make very familiar  8 bit sound effects. You may very occasionally receive a green and white mushroom!

You can pick these up for £59.99 well worth the money.

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

Pac Man Ghos Lamp

When it comes to retro gaming, you cannot get any more vintage than Pac-Man and so any gamer would be proud to display the Pac Man Ghost Lamp. Remote controlled and 100% authentic, this lamp offers a spectrum of 16 colours and a host of settings, including Strobe, Flash, Dim and Smooth Fade. This glowing ghost is the perfect gift for classic gamers, ghost fans or anyone looking to light up a room.

You can pick these up for around £29.99.

Tetris Light

Tetris Lamp

Flash your retro credentials, and brighten up your living room or bedroom with the official Tetris Light that lets you redesign your desk lamp whenever you like – much like the game. Simply connect one of the bricks to the mains and then as each new brick is placed into position they will light up through some kind of magic. When not in use, you can have a mini game of Tetris- we will be impressed if you can make a perfect cube using every part!

You can pick this up for £29.99.

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